Nature's perfect gift to the World

10ppm Silver Charged Water

(aka Colloidal Silver)


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Carefully made from nothing more than home produced steam distilled water and the Silvergen SG7Pro Euro Generator, calibrated with a Hanna PWT Meter and packaged in PET bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate = food grade)  Crystal clear (yellowing indicates agglomeration caused by particles clustering)

All prices include 2020 postage within the UK only

100ml spray bottle + 500ml refill bottle £16.00

500ml spray bottle £14.00

500ml refill bottle £13.00

500ml spray bottle + 500ml refill bottle £24.00

THE 3 BOTTLE SPECIAL priced at £26.00 consists of 100ml Spray + 500ml Spray + 500ml Refill (includes first class postage of at least £6.85 within the UK) 

If you are a regular user, why not save a considerable amount of money by ordering the 5 litre container + a filled 100ml spray for £68.00, which includes 48-hour signed for delivery

High postal charges and the refusal by most carriers to accept liquids in excess of 1 litre prevents me from sending outside the UK

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If you are unable to send a cheque, then internet banking from your account to mine is preferred (rather than PayPal).  Please contact me for the necessary details if you are able to pay in this way.

PayPal payments can be made to my email address 

Read on about newspaper articles, my personal experiences and feedback from long term customers.

****I have made searches on the internet in an effort to ascertain whether Colloidal Silver has been "banned" within Europe.  This remains unclear, but it may be that with effect from 1st January 2010 it is not permitted to be listed as a food supplement, nor to claim it has any proven remedial qualities.  I have therefore tried to adjust the wording of this website in the appropriate way.  However, in The Sun 3rd February 2012

SILVER TO HIT BIG C - Silver may beat cancer as effectively as chemotherapy - perhaps with fewer nasty side effects.  Scientists think old wives' tales about the precious metal being a "silver bullet" to conquer big C could be true.  They used silver based compounds to kill breast and colon cancer cells.  It was as effective as using the chemo product containing platinum that can cause vomiting and kidney damage.  Dr Charlotte Willans of Leeds University said "it is exciting". This could lead to a cheaper less toxic alternative to current cancer treatments.

Daily Mail Good Health pages in the 16th February 2010 edition, I see that silver thread pyjamas are listed as having antibacterial properties, as tested by Newham University Hospital.  Also, Adam Frosh, a throat specialist at the Spire Hospital Harpenden lists eight recommended sore throat remedies, which includes Colloidal Silver Lozenges as having natural antibiotic properties that attack bacteria and stating "as an antibacterial, silver is very effective".  In the Review supplement of The Mail on Sunday 28th February 2010 a whole page is dedicated to "Why Silver is precious for your health", as endorsed by Valerie Edwards Jones, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University.  My conclusion is that I don't know what the true current situation is.

Please send me a 5 litre container of Colloidal Silver.  I am using plenty at the moment treating white line infection in the horses' hooves.  It works very well.  Thanks.  JE Llangollen - October 2012

Ordered and despatched immediately for a kitten's tummy bug.  "Brenda, thank you, thank you, thank you! Have I said thank you yet? I'm so relieved I could cry! you're an absolute gem.  Thank you!  Carly  November 2011"

"Hi Brenda    Well, the runs have stopped! Not sure if it was the CS or the 7 day course of Panacur I put them all on, but whatever it was, I'm so, so thankful for it! I'm still adding the CS to their food and water, and I tell you something, my old Persian girl doesn't have runny, sticky eyes any more. It's amazing! Persians are prone to eye problems, and hers were horribly crusty for a long time there. Now I haven't needed to clean them in over a week! Her little girl kitten's eyes are also getting a lot less sticky. That was one side effect I wasn't expecting!  One very satisfied customer. 

Carly  14th November 2011"        

 Hi there, Brenda. Just wanted you to know that the parcel arrived today in splendid condition!  I've already started using the CS! Thanks so much for going the extra mile as usual for me. You've really helped make life easier!
Carly January 2012"

"Hi Brenda.  Just to let you know your bottle of magic has worked - the eye problem on both birds has cleared up - really pleased - big thanks.  Kind regards Jamie, Nottingham July 2011"  (2 month eye problem with pair of Rosa Bourke birds - email received from Jamie just 5 days after despatch of Silver Charged Water). 

"At last I've cleared up my chronic Athlete's Foot problem.  I soaked a length of cotton wool in CS, wound it in and out of my toes, then covered the area with cling film to keep it moist inside a clean white sock, which I wore overnight.  During the daytime I applied Bach Rescue Remedy cream to the area.  After 3 days the problem was gone.  Hallelujah. Bea April 2011" 

"Dear Brenda.  I recently sent you an order on behalf of my Daughter as her supply was very low. The main reason for this email was after persuading my Daughter to give the silver a try for my Grandson's awful skin problem. He had an infected rash on his face, teenage spots but worse, despite trying what the GP recommended it was no better and he was so upset he did not want to go to college or his part-time job. In fact one of the prescribed treatments made his skin even worse anyway Sam has been bathing his face 2/3 times a day with diluted 2xCS and 1xWater and things are looking almost 100% better in just a few days, he is so thrilled.  Sally  February 2011"

"Many thanks Brenda!    My very old cat who is now coming up to 19 years, has had a nasty and really stinky ear infection producing much "ear snot".  He's had ear drops and a long course of anti-biotics from the vet, which has given some relief but the inection simply returns time after time.  Wiping his ears and head with the silver and also spraying on his food and around the room, her helped dramatically!  Thankyou!  Christine, Congleton   December 2010"

"All is much better here.  The two  worse dogs - one stopped coughing within one day; the other almost gone.  Only coughs when very excited.  Many thanks - Alison    September 2010"  This lady phoned in desperation as her 11 dogs had Kennel Cough - caught from an irresponsible exhibitor's dog at a dog show.  Nothing from the vet had helped.  I was fairly confident that SCW would help and it did - Brenda

"Hi Brenda      Just going through my emails and I remembered I said I'd mail you back with Dylan's progress. 
He had a small puncture wound on his side, looked like it could have been done by a tooth.  My Beardie boys had met up with a particularly flirty young yellow Lab a day or so before I noticed the wound on him and they had been racing around and around so it's possible he got nipped in the excitement.  Anyway, I snipped the scab away that had formed a great matt over his fur which made the area easier to keep clean and gain access to.  Have been using the CS everyday a couple of times a day at least and it's healed beautifully.  
Your Cockatiel sounds like a real character!  You mentioning him reminded me that I also used the CS on one of my Japanese Quail whose eye was glued shut.  Just two applications later and his eye is fine again.  I think I had said before that it sorted out my Rosa Bourke's eye infection too.  The budgies also loved being sprayed with CS :o) 
Wonderful stuff!!     Kelly xx     Isle of Wight    September 2008"

"The CS has been invaluable as I came down with a sore throat last week, after gargling with the CS it cleared in a day!  I still have the remains of a cold, but I was impressed how quickly the sore throat disappeared. 
Best wishes    Kelly xxx   Isle of Wight    October 2009"

"We highly recommend Ag4all's SCW. We have found very good quality and ppm at a great price, so we can afford to use SCW on a regular basis. We have seen good improvement with the discomfort of hay-fever, when taken internally and sprayed onto the face and eyes, as well as a great non sting remedy for sore skin, cuts and grazes to heal quickly and well for all the family, a mouth-rinse and generally a boost if feeling run down...even gets used on the chopping board.  Lovely to deal with and very knowledgeable, thank you Brenda for your great service.      Anne & James, Hampshire   April 2007"

"Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the SCW, used it on the cat instead of steroid cream and a rabbit that had been bitten in a fight.  My vet seemed quite impressed as well.    JB"

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I was with the results of the SCW which I ordered in September.  Initially I was very sceptical about the product since it looked just like water!  However, I used some on my arm on mosquito bites which had become infected and which antibiotics from the doctor had not cleared up, within a week of using the silver the problem was gone.  I also used some on my horse on a skin condition which was proving very difficult to clear up - it took longer to work on this but was also effective.  I am therefore ordering some more!      HB, Cheadle    November 2006"

"I must tell you the good outcome of giving some to my mother-in-law.  She was sceptical to start with, as she kept getting sores on her hands.  I think I may have told you about it.  Anyway, I told her to speak to her doctor about it and he was ok about her using it, as nothing he or the hospital gave her worked.  It has cleared up.  She gives her hands a wipe with it still and she has not had any more sores for quite some time.  Also she has home help twice a day and one of the ladies had a skin problem.  Again all manner of things were tried and nothing worked, so my mother-in-law told her about this God given SCW and the lady has been trying it for the last couple of weeks and, guess what, it is clearing up.  She is well pleased, as she has had this problem for the last 12 years, so how's that for a miracle.    Kathy, Leeds   September 2007"

"Could you send me a 5 litre container of SCW.  My previous one is almost gone .... TUMMY BUGS!!....  Hilary, Kingsbridge   January 2008"

DISCLAIMER:   SCW is not classified as a drug, nor a food supplement and it cannot be patented.   I do not profess to claim that it will cure anything.  

There is much to be read on the internet about the uses of what is generally known as Colloidal Silver, so I'm sure you don't want me to repeat the claims about it.   Now that you have decided to use SCW (perhaps for the first time), why pay the ridiculously high retail prices charged in some high street health shops, chemists and other internet websites.  There really is no justification for the prices they charge - £12.99 and more for 100 ml.  That is why I decided to import the SG7 Professional Generator from Silvergen in the USA and make my own, so that I could use it liberally myself and also supply it to you for a realistic price.  I produce my own steam distilled water, which is a v-e-r-y slow process, but well worth the extra effort.   By doing so I can satisfy myself that the quality of the water I use is free from impurities.

Always seek professional medical advice when dealing with illness.


I first used it in 2002.  I had a hysterectomy in 1995 and suffered a chronic bladder infection for the following 7 years.  Nothing the doctor recommended helped.  I remembered seeing Colloidal Silver advertised in a weekly canine newspaper many years before.  Then in 2002 I received a leaflet from a supplier of complementary supplements and he was selling Colloidal Silver, so I decided to try it.  Within 5 days my bladder infection was gone.  From then on I have used it for all manner of things - for our dogs, the cockatiel, the family, houseplants - all and sundry. 

I have regularly sprayed it on the dogs' wounds, where once I would have taken them to the vet, possibly even to be stitched.  One dog had a bloodshot eye and I was fearful of something sinister.  I gave Colloidal Silver a try for a couple of days and the redness went, thank Goodness.  When our bitch was spayed, I sprayed her wound and it healed beautifully and very quickly.  Our alpha male lost a claw, which was obviously very painful and tender, but regular spraying over a few days helped heal it and the claw grew again.  As if that wasn't bad enough, he lifted his back leg and close inspection showed that half another claw had torn off. Again I sprayed several times each day and I actually then forgot about it, because he stopped limping.  I frequently spray it into the dogs’ eyes, ears and nostrils, just for good measure, and I add a few squirts onto their raw food to avoid the possibility of bad bacteria.  The cockatiel gets a regular all-over spray too.  Don’t want him getting bird flu.  26th June 2006 my dog was due to go to the vet to have a tick under his ear flap removed.  I'd been spraying CS on it for the previous 24 hours.  Noticed him scratch himself in the garden and on inspection found the tick was gone.  More CS sprayed and a vet bill saved.

I rid myself of a whitlow on my left index finger.  It was so unbelievably painful, my husband thought I would have to go to our doctor for anti-biotics to calm it down.  Instead, I wrapped my fingertip with lint soaked in Colloidal Silver and after 3 days the little ulcer-like growth shrunk and the intense pain went away.  It's great for stings and insect bites, and for sunburn.  I have used it to get rid of athlete's foot cracks between my toes, but, since changing my diet, I now no longer get fungal infections, so the Colloidal Silver has been made redundant in that respect.

In an isolated case of reflux (January 2006), it killed the burning sensation in my throat instantly.  I'd eaten kippers for breakfast too soon after eating grapefruit.  Protein and acid fruit was obviously not a good combination.  Not now isolated - I did it again on 29th January 2009.  Exactly the same scenario and CS provided instant relief yet again.  In fact I honestly appreciate being able to personally put CS to test.

August 2006 - after a couple of days of regular spraying, I rid both my dogs of conjunctivitis.  One had passed it to the other.  

August 2009 - I burnt all my left hand fingertips on a Pyrex dish on my cooker hob.  I thought it was standing on a cold ring, but I'd accidentally switched it on and the glass was red hot and it shattered.  Thankfully, I wasn't cut.  My fingertips turned white immediately and two additional burns down the side of my fingers would have blistered had I not sprayed CS immediately.  The pain subsided instantly and I sprayed several times during the rest of the day.  Next morning it was as if it had never happened.  I always keep a spray bottle on my kitchen table and the household knows it's there - just in case.

History claims that Colloidal Silver is said to act as an anti-biotic, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, with no known side effects, but of course you're not advised to drink it "by the gallon".  You will find claims that Colloidal Silver has helped with some 650 ailments.   I can only say that it has helped my family on many occasions.  

Keep the Silver Charged Water away from excessive heat, electrical equipment and the pungent odours that might be in your bathroom cabinet, as it could affect its suspension.  Its shelf life is at least a year, but I'm sure you'll find so many uses for it, that you'll be ordering more within that period of time.

When my husband had breast cancer surgery in 2004, I made sure he drank bottled water topped up with Colloidal Silver whilst in the hospital.  

The Good Health pages of the Daily Mail on 6th December 2005 "The silver bandage that can save dying limbs" reported on the successful use of Aquacel Ag wound dressings which have powerful antibacterial properties to kill infections.  Silver's antibacterial properties have been known for centuries, but it is only recently that it has been used in wound dressings.  Details supplied by Diabetes UK.

Elastoplast is now selling SilverHealing hypoallergenic strips "Silver - clinically proven" - "Kills harmful germs - clinical studies show that silver, a powerful antibacterial agent, kills harmful germs and reduces the risk of infection" - "Silver is natural and skin-friendly" - as recommended by TV Doctor - Chris Steele"

Samsung has launched a washing machine with silver - from their website "Samsung has found a solution in the safety of silver, ionizing silver into ions for an effective coating that lets your home appliances remain remarkably free of bacteria and odours. We're creating a zone of protection for the health and safety of your family's future. It's here, it's clear and it's silver."

Scientists to Tackle Illness with 'Silver Bullet' Research to be carried out at the University of Leicester (April 2006) will develop silver nanoparticles, in a form which can play a significant role to play in combating MRSA, Cystic Fibrosis and AIDS, as well as the treatment of wounds.  It has been known for some time that silver is highly toxic to a wide range of bacterial, and silver-based compounds have been used extensively in bactericidal applications.  This property of silver has caused great interest especially as new resistant strains of bacteria have become a serious problem in public health.

Always seek professional medical advice when dealing with illness

Silver Charged Water is not a miracle cure, but it can certainly be a wonderful aid


I will only amend the website when there is a change in postal charges